Transformational ICT Grant CLOSED (Free)

What is the grant available for?

The aim of the ICT grant and consultancy scheme is to provide financial and specialist support to *eligible businesses who are introducing and developing new systems to improve business performance. The programme is designed to support businesses in getting the most from their existing IT with the introduction of new systems and software and to assist with the implementation of new ICT resources. *Businesses located in Boston Borough, East Lindsey and Lincoln City council areas only. Find your local council - Click HERE to search your postcode

The scheme also offers the option to apply for specialist consultancy to help businesses:

  • Create a specification of requirement to meet their business needs
  • Assist in the selection of suitable solutions
  • Assist in the implementation stages of chosen solutions

Capital or Revenue or both?


Percentage of Project Cost

This is a discretionary funding programme and will provide 50% of the business’s ICT expenditure.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligible businesses, local authority areas

Find your local council - Click HERE to search your postcode

  • Boston Borough Council
  • East Lindsey District Council
  • Lincoln City Council


  • All types of business may apply, i.e. Sole Trader, Partnership or Limited Company
  • Businesses must be located in one of the local authority areas detailed below
  • Businesses must have less than 250 employees at the time of their application
  • Businesses must have been trading for AT LEAST 12 MONTHS at the time of making their application


  • Businesses must clearly demonstrate on their Grant Funding Application how their ICT development project will improve their business performance
  • Businesses must provide up to date financial accounts or most recent management accounts


The grant cannot support businesses in the following sectors:

  • Banking & Insurance
  • Retail (Where 20% or more of turnover derives from sales to the general public)
  • Private Schools
  • Fisheries & Agriculture
  • Coal
  • Steel & Ship Building sectors

East Midlands Chamber (Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire) is committed to sharing good practice and promoting examples of service delivery that meet the needs of business communities. East Midlands Chamber reserves the right to use information of this project for publicity of the programme and share information with any parties appointed to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of this funding.


Grant amounts available

The minimum grant you can apply for is £2,000, i.e. you would have to be investing a minimum of £4,000 to be awarded a £2,000 grant. The maximum grant is £10,000 i.e. you would have to be investing a minimum of £20,000 to be awarded a £10,000 grant.

Who provides the grant?

ERDF Funded programme through ebusiness club,  administered by East Midlands Chamber (Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire)

How to Apply 

Please use this form to record your interest in applying for a Transformational ICT.

Contact Information:

Commerce Centre
Canal Wharf
DS41 7NA

Telephone numbers:
0333 320 0333