The Seraphim Space Fund (Free)

What is the grant available for?

The Seraphim Space Fund will be the first fund of its size anywhere in the world to focus on investing in early-stage technology companies emerging from the ‘new space’ revolution. 

 The Fund will invest in commercial applications in both downstream (software), and upstream (hardware) opportunities, as well as in technologies that have potential space applications such as artificial intelligence, robotics and nanomaterials.

Seraphim is a London-based venture capital fund manager. Seraphim typically invests at Series A stage into IP-led businesses that have the potential to redefine large existing markets or create entirely new ones.

The Seraphim Space Fund is the 22nd Enterprise Capital Fund in the British Business Bank’s ECF programme, which now has a total investment capacity of £780m.

The British Business Bank is currently supporting over 51,000 businesses, working through its 90 finance partners. Its programmes support over £3.2bn of finance to UK smaller businesses and participate in a further £4.6bn of finance to UK small mid-cap businesses.

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Capital or Revenue or both?


Percentage of Project Cost

The British Business Bank/Seraphim Capital

Eligibility Criteria

The businesses we invest in tend to combine the following attributes:

People – we look to back passionate entrepreneurs who usually have prior experience of start-ups, deep knowledge of the markets they are seeking to address and a demonstrable ability to recruit world class talent.

Product – we look for game-changing products and services that are underpinned by proprietary, protectable technology and have already achieved some early customer traction.

Market – we look for opportunities that are solving major pain points in large directly addressable and well defined global markets.

How to Apply

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Contact Information:

Lewis Stringer

Foundry House
3 Millsands
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Telephone numbers:
(0)114 206 2131