Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund (Free)

What is the business support?

Target Audience:

New start-ups

Early stage companies

Fast-growing small businesses

Established SMEs

Small businesses looking to relocate in the North of England

Businesses unable to source funding from banks or investors

Geographic Coverage: Humber wide (as well as the other 9 Local Enterprise Partnerships in the North West, Yorkshire and The Humber & Tees Valley)

Support Available:

£400m+ of funding is available for SMEs in the Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund area providing micro-finance, debt and equity investment aimed at creating sustainable economic activity through supporting new and growing businesses

How to find out more

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Grant amounts available

Microfinance - Loans of £25k - £100k

Debt Finance - Business Loans of £100,000-£750,000

Equity Finance - From £50,000-£2million

What is the loan available for?


For start up or existing business

Example deals include:

Working capital

Funding expansion projects

Financing commercial premises

Asset acquisitions

Debt Finance

For businesses that can demonstrate growth potential

Business loans from £100,000 - £750,000

Example deals include:

Working capital

Hire a new team

Purchase new machinery

Move to larger commercial premises


Loan amounts available


Loans of £25k - £100k

Debt Finance

Business loans from £100,000 - £750,000

Terms of the loan


Whether you are an entrepreneur wishing to start your own business, an early stage or more established SME looking to grow you may find it difficult obtaining the finance you need.

Microfinance can be used to fill the funding gap for growth and development projects.

Microfinance is available for a wide range of purposes including filling gaps in working capital, funding expansion projects, leasing commercial premises and asset acquisitions.

Debt Finance

As SMEs grow, larger amounts of finance can be needed to move them to the next level.  Funding might be for hiring staff, purchasing machinery, moving premises or even as working capital to finance a big order.

Analysis has shown that this finance can be difficult for firms in the North of England to access but that there is a strong level of latent demand

NPIF’s Debt finance option is designed for SMEs that can demonstrate growth potential.

How to apply

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What is the finance available for?

Equity Finance

Early stage or late stage equity funding

For businesses with ambitious plans or large start-ups with high growth potential


What Investment Amounts are available?

Equity Finance

From £50,000 - £2million

What are the investment terms?

Equity finance is widely accepted as an important ingredient for innovative and fast growth businesses at all stages.

While the number and value of equity deals across the UK have grown in recent years there is a large disparity between the North of England and London and the South East.  NPIF has a particular interest in supporting equity investments and helping to build a vibrant and sustainable venture capital community in the North.

NPIF has a particular interest in supporting equity investments and helping to build a vibrant and sustainable venture capital community in the North.

An equity based investment could be right for you if you are looking to grow at a rate that cannot be supported through borrowing, which will tend to be linked to the ability to service debt from existing cash flows.  This can apply at any stage of a company’s growth cycle from start up to scale up.”

How to Apply

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