The Business Finance Guide - British Business Bank


Growing a business from the first seed of an idea is not a smooth linear journey and it’s not as simple as a journey from A to B. The destination is seldom decided as the business idea takes form, becomes a reality and then grows into a successful enterprise. The finance journey is continuous; there may never be an arrival point.

For any business to travel on a journey it needs at all points of that journey to be appropriately financed. Businesses need to make sure there is the finance to back their growth plans. Businesses are often started on overdrafts or credit cards, or with help from friends or family or by using the family property as collateral. But soon after that the business will need to be financed so it can stand on its own two feet if it is to be a sustainably growing proposition.

This guide will be invaluable for entrepreneurs who are starting a business, directors who are running growing businesses and established companies – of all sizes – as well as for business advisers and investors.

It explains how to approach the financing decision, the questions to ask and how to treat it as a business process, so that it is not as daunting as it can sometimes seem. And if it does get daunting, good advisers can provide further guidance. This guide also provides details of where to obtain free advice on raising finance.

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