Science and Innovation Park

Lincoln Science and Innovation Park was founded in 2013 as a joint venture between the University of Lincoln and the Lincolnshire Co-op.

The Park is located just 15 minutes walk from the city centre and alongside the University of Lincoln with easy links to the A46 and A1M. For over a century, the site has been at the forefront of Lincoln’s and the UK’s industrial and commercial world. Today, the University and the Co-op are regenerating this area to service the industries of the Twenty-First Century with world-class laboratories, offices and workshops that provide the flexibility to accommodate firms across the spectrum including entrepreneurial start-ups and established multinationals.

It represents the only site in Lincolnshire dedicated to science, innovation and R&D across both commercial and public sectors. It is also the only strategic employment site within the City of Lincoln.

The Intersection between Urban and Country, Heritage and Modern: Not only does the LSIP site sit on the former Ruston Bucyrus UK Headquarters but it once housed the largest foundry in Western Europe and was instrumental in the development and testing of the tank during the Great War.

This heritage is scattered through the site as the iconic buildings involved in these achievements have been brought back to life. Alongside this, eye-catching modernist structures have been developed that are both exemplary and highly functional. Although the LSIP is only a 15-minutes walk from the railway station and the city centre, it adjoins a wildlife reserve backing onto countryside. This natural setting has informed the LSIP's Master Plan and given the site a parkland character that is desirable and suitable for innovative firms.

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