Health & Care

Rolling countryside, a relaxed pace of life and low property prices make Lincolnshire one of the most popular retirement destinations in the UK.

The care sector currently employs around 24,000 workers, contributing £315 million per year to Greater Lincolnshire’s economy and providing services to at least 20,000 people at any one time.

Over the last decade the number of over-75s in our area has grown by 19% compared with 12% nationally. Looking ahead over the next decade, we expect that growth to rise by 34%, or nearly 33,000 people, compared to 27% nationally.

Alongside rising demand for health and care services from a growing, ageing and more demanding population, which is increasingly adopting unhealthy lifestyles, a key challenge facing the sector is to meet increasing demand for services while operating with constrained resources.

While this may be perceived by some as a problem owing to the extra pressure put on care services and an increasing population, we believe this may actually be an opportunity for growth.  There will be an increased need for more care homes, health workers, community activity, medical supplies and public transport to name a few.

This is an ever-evolving sector which can play a key part in the growth of our local economy.