Protect your Business: Staying Cyber-Secure as the UK reopens in association with BT Skills for Tomorrow have designed a series of webinars to support small businesses and entrepreneurs.

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As the UK begins to reopen and offices welcome staff back, many businesses are facing a new hybrid world of working from home and from the office. Increased cybercrime and targeted fraud cases were key issues during the lockdown and online protection remains an important area for businesses to stay ahead of as this eases.


At Starling, we always want to ensure our banking customers are protected and informed about fraud or online threats. That’s one of the reasons we’re teamed up with CyberSmart on our Business Marketplace, they help businesses get and stay secure via their online platform, making cybersecurity less daunting and accessible to businesses of all sizes. Join us for this GBEA webinar where we will discuss in a post-lockdown world:


- What are the main cyber threats facing small and medium-sized businesses? Any new trends during lockdown?

- As businesses reopen, and staff are working both from home and the office, what new challenges does this pose?

- How can businesses best protect themselves and stay ahead of these challenges?


BT Skills For Tomorrow


With the spread of the coronavirus, having the right digital skills to do business online is more important than ever. That’s why BT developed new learning content and is working with a range of brilliant partners, such as Google Digital Garage, Small Business Britain and Great British Entrepreneur Awards to run a host of free webinars with experts to help SMEs cope.


These online courses will help SME owners and their employees improve their digital skills through new online tools, social media advice and new digital tips and tricks, empowering them with the skills they need today during these challenging times.


Our Skills for Tomorrow website also brings together a series of free business-focused courses.

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05/08/2020 14:00 - 15:00

Category: Workplace

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BT Skills for Tomorrow