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Workplace bullying in the cultural industry

This webinar will discuss how to prevent, mitigate, and/or solve bullying in the cultural industry and in all organisations in general

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In this one hour interactive webinar, the speakers will discuss their research on bullying. 

Sam will address strategies to prevent bullying, including work that shows how bullying can be mitigated by organizational climates that support conflict resolution. 

Alex will share the first ever piece of research on bullying in the museums sector in the UK, which she initiated in 2019 in collaboration with the Museums Association. Her work, Sticks and Stones , is a project that emerged from personal experience, a recognition of the destructive impact of bullying in the sector, and a desire to make institutional change in a sector that should be about care (for objects, audiences and staff). 


Sam Farley is a lecturer in organizational psychology at the University of Leeds Business School. 

Alexandra Woodall is Programme Director for Creative and Cultural Industries Management at Sheffield University Management School, but has a background as a museum professional, managing learning, interpretation and exhibitions programmes in museums and galleries (including Sheffield Museums, Manchester Art Gallery, Royal Armouries and the Sainsbury Centre at UEA). 


Richard Saundry is Professor of HRM and Employment Relations at The University of Sheffield.

Event organised by the PrOPEL hub  and by the Management School at the University of Sheffield.

In partnership with the CIPD and the ESRC.


Event information:


22/09/2021 11:00 - 12:00

Category: Workplace

Organised by:
Te PrOPEL Hub and Sheffield University Management School