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Workplace Mediation

In this one hour session, we bring together a range of mediation experts to look at how organisations can get the most out of mediation.

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Mediation has become increasingly popular in recent years as organisations have looked at alternative ways of resolving conflict at work. It can be very effective in restoring and repairing relationships and if used strategically, it can also help to transform the way that conflict is managed.

Research in conflict management has shown that Mediation can help to restore and rebuild employment relationships and that it certainly offers a more efficient way of handling many workplace conflicts than unwieldy and poorly designed grievance and disciplinary procedures. Developing mediation capacity can also change the way that problems are handled and encourage early and informal approaches to resolution. BUT (and it's a big BUT) it is often promoted and sold as a panacea and an alternative to good, basic management practice. The problem is that when it's used badly it quickly develops a negative reputation undermined confidence and take-up.

In this PrOPEL Hub knowledge into practice event we will focus on how we can make the most of mediation - for organisations, employees, managers and HR. We bring together a range of mediation experts to look at how organisations can get the most out of mediation. 


Terry Duffy - Regional Director at ACAS North West

Rachel Suff - Senior Policy Adviser CIPD

Caroline Sheridan - Chair, Workplace and Employment Group, Civil Mediation Council 


Richard Saundry - leading academic authority on the management of discipline, grievance and workplace conflict.


Event organised by the PrOPEL hub  and by the Management School at the University of Sheffield.

In partnership with the CIPD and the ESRC.


Event information:

S10 2TN

15/12/2021 11:00 - 12:00

Category: Workplace

Organised by:
The PrOPEL Hub and The University of Sheffield