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Take your Website to the World: Platform, Providers and Preparing your Website Brief

Learn how to move your website onto another platform, source and commission external web providers and prepare a website brief.

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Platform, Providers and Preparing your Website Brief

It can often be the case that businesses may take the decision to move their website onto another platform, and which may involve sourcing and commissioning external web providers and preparing a website brief. We will share with you how best to do that in this session.


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Take your Website to the World

Back by Popular Demand:

Unique to Department for International Trade East Midlands, we are delighted to offer you the chance to join our ‘Take your Website to the World’ programme


If you sell your products and services overseas or are planning to, your website, now more than ever, needs to be able to attract and appeal to an international audience. Your website is your window to the world and has the potential to reach over 4bn global internet users.


Do you know?

  • How well your existing website is performing on international search engines?
  • How to attract visitors from outside the UK to your website?
  • When and how to translate, localise and optimise your website for international search engines?
  • How to source and commission external web providers such as designers, digital marketers, translators and copy writers to take forward your international web strategy?
  • When and how to move your website to another platform and what to include in your brief?
  • How to implement effective paid and organic SEO?

About the programme

The programme is aimed at taking East Midlands businesses on a website internationalisation journey: from getting started, to a fully localised and optimised international website.

Consisting of eight individual 1-hour sessions, each provides a deep dive into a specific website area to get your website fighting fit for international reach and appeal.


Programme format

Each session begins with a short presentation on the session subject matter by one of our digital trade experts, followed by ample opportunity for you to ask questions. A further opportunity for you to book a tailored 1 to 1 website consultation with our digital trade specialists will also be available.



These interactive sessions will be delivered online via the Microsoft Teams platform.

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Event information:


08/02/2022 14:00 - 15:00

Category: Digital

Organised by:
Department for International Trade

0345 052 4001