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Environmental (Business) Strategy

This Masterclass talks through the dangers of impending environmental catastrophe

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The world stands on a precipice of environmental disaster from which it cannot return. The recent COP26 agenda scored notable successes in securing pledges from countries around the world to implement policies that will limit temperature increases to 1.8-degree Celsius, but even if global temperature is limited to such an increase, the planet will change irrevocably. This Masterclass talks through the dangers of impending environmental catastrophe and looks at some of the ways that organisation's can change perspectives to ensure they become a more reliable environmental actor.

This event is delivered through the Greater Lincolnshire Social Economy Academy part of BG Futures at Bishop Grosseteste University.

With support from Lincolnshire County Council and Business Lincolnshire, BG Futures launched the Greater Lincolnshire Social Economy Academy and the Lincolnshire Social Economy Hub in March 2022.

The Greater Lincolnshire Social Economy Academy serves the social economy sector through tailored courses and workshops. 

The Lincolnshire Social Economy Hub provides office rental for Charities, Cooperatives, Community groups and other Social Economy businesses (start-ups or established)

The need for an academy was identified following the development of a Greater Lincolnshire Social Economy Strategy and evidence gained from an extensive research report to unlock the full potential of the county’s people and communities. The full report, published by Bishop Grosseteste University’s Lincolnshire Open Research Innovation centre can be found at

The report highlighted the benefits of social economy businesses and the challenges the sector faces.

The Academy offers a blend of practical and academic expertise delivered by a range of partners and is open to Charities, Social Enterprises, Cooperatives, Community groups and students. Events are currently free of charge.

BG Futures are committed to developing an environment that is inclusive, fair, open, and welcoming of individuals from diverse groups. On this basis, they particularly encourage applications for tenancy within Lincolnshire Social Economy Hub from those underrepresented within the business community; women, people living with a disability, those from racialised and minoritised communities and organisations with a clear social or environmental mission. The hub offers flexible tenancy options. Full details can be found at

BG Futures also offer Virtual Offices for businesses from any sector including the use of a small meeting room and the option to occupy a private office one day each week. Further details can be found at

The social economy is made up of charities, social organisations, cooperatives and self-help initiatives that produce and distribute market and non-markets goods and services, for societal, environmental and carbon reduction purposes, employing people inclusively, fairly and with dignity. The full list of events on offer from the Greater Lincolnshire Social Economy Academy can be found at

Key Points for Greater Lincolnshire:

·         The value of the Social Economy to the county is larger than its Gross Value Added (GVA) to the County’s economy when its non-monetary benefits are taken into account.

·         Social Return on Investment (SROI) is an increasingly accepted way of measuring these benefits, and there are a range of practitioners in the County with expertise in undertaking these kinds of evaluations.

·         The Public Services (Social Value) Act came into force in 2013 and requires people who commission public services to think about how they can also secure wider social, economic and environmental benefits for their area or stakeholders, and as such get more value for money out of their procurement processes.

For more information on how LORIC can help organisations calculate Social Return on Investment visit Lincolnshire Open Research & Innovation Centre: 


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Once on campus, please park in the main car park. Parking is currently free. We are in BG Futures, which is the building next the Hardy Building (Main Reception)
On the campus map – we are building number 12.

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BG Futures Lincolnshire Social Economy Hub Longda

06/12/2022 09:30 - 11:30

Category: Local

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Greater Lincolnshire Social Economy Academy

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BG Futures

01522 583900