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The Team Leader Workshop

An interactive workshop that will explore all the necessary ingredients for creating, and maintaining, high performing teams.

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All workshops delivered by One Degree Training & Coaching are always interactive, energetic, fun, and embrace all the principles of adult education - primarily keeping you involved throughout. They don't use PowerPoint, and have a number of activities, plus plenty of group discussion that really keeps the training relevant to your workplace.

Learning outcomes include:

1. Develop a collaborative team environment.

2. Develop an inclusive team environment.

3. Develop an identity and vision for the team.

4. Develop trust in the team.

5. Empower team members.

6. Identify methods to develop self and others.

7. Identify & manage talent within the team.

8. Explain how coaching & mentoring may be used as tools for development.

9. Explain effective interviewing.

10. Explain the role of a leader towards discipline.

11. Describe the role of leader in resolving conflict.

12. Explain the skills needed to resolve conflict.

About One Degree Training & Coaching:

One Degree Training & Coaching have 3 levels of support on offer, depending on your level of leadership.

For new leaders, those hoping to assume leadership responsibility, or those established leaders looking to refresh and increase their knowledge, they host of series of workshops and webinars.

For established leaders looking to improve their leadership ability, and to increase the morale and output of their teams, they have the Golden Leader Programme. A 90-day programme that combines learning & coaching that supports you as you implement an incredibly effective leadership stule.

For senior leaders looking to increase retention and output across all aspect of their business, and to reduce time and money spent of recruitment and training, there is the Platinum Leader Programme. This is a 12-month program that combines learning, coaching, mentoring, and 24/7 to our CEO for rapid support at the point of need.

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