Principles of Retail

This course aims to give learners a broad understanding of Customer Service and Retail. It will combine taught sessions with an online e-portfolio to complete assessments for each unit.

Event Information

This course will run on:

 - September 17th - 9am - 1pm

 - October 8th - 9am - 1pm

 - October 29th - 9am - 1pm

 - November 12th - 11am - 1pm

 It is mandatory that all sessions are attended to complete the course.



September 17th - Understanding Retail Operations


Understanding Customer Service in the Retail Sector

This will cover:

 - Features of excellent customer service

 - Effects of excellent customer service

 - Features of unsatisfactory customer service

 - Collecting customer feedback and how it's used

 - Standards, procedures and policies difference and examples

 - Main customer complaints and problems

 - Key stages for resolving complaints to customer satisfaction


Understanding the Selling Process

This will cover:

 - Five step selling model

 - Open and closed questions

 - Probing questions in selling process

 - Questions to identify sales opportunities

 - Product knowledge

 - Matching customer needs to products

 - Buying signals

 - Closing a sale

 - Understanding the handling of customer payments in a retail business

 - Methods of payment

 - Cashiers key responsibilities

 - Common problems

 - Additional services and sales

 - Promote additional sales

 - Age restrictions


October 8th - Customer Service


Understand employer organisations

This will cover:

 - Differences between private, public and voluntary sectors

 - Functions of different structures

 - Features of legal structure of organisations

 - Internal and external influences

 - SWOT and PESTLE models

 - Change in business environment


Understand how to develop customer relationships

This will cover:

 - Importance of developing customer relationships

 - Customer expectation over time

 - Value of loyalty and retention

 - Customer feedback

 - Limits of authority

 - Customer relationship management systems (CRM)

 - Regular communication

 - How customers form expectations of customer service, legislation, policies and procedures can limit service offer

 - Recognise value added opportunities

 - Sources of information to improve customer service

 - Constraints of improving customer service

 - Limits of authority for improving service offer


October 29th - Employability


Setting Yourself Targets

This will cover:

 - Management use of targets

 - Informal targets

 - Formal targets

 - Personal targets

 - Self-assessment


Using Social Media in the Workplace 

This will cover:

 - Purpose

 - Different Platforms

 - Monitoring

 - Measuring success of activity

 - Safety and security risks

 - Legal aspects

 - Policies

 - Navigation

 - Search tools

 - Networking

 - Publishing Content


November 12th - Graduation

There will be a small Graduation ceremony and the giving out of certificates to celebrate the completion of the course.



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Event information:

Fairfield Enterprise Centre, Lincoln Way, Louth
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17/09/2019 - 12/11/2019 09:00 - 13:00

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