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The wearable tech experts have moved from health and safety to social distancing during COVID-19.

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Who are Tended?

Tended are a Lincoln-based technology company with a purpose. Founded in 2017 by Leo Scott Smith, Tended creates wearable technology that identifies and prevents workplace accidents. Using artificial intelligence and real-time data to detect risks, their designs immediately alert the wearer’s emergency contacts with their location, health and activity data in the event of an accident. The former start-up’s goal is to help businesses form a safer working environment for their employees, with teams now in both the UK and China.


How was business before the outbreak of COVID-19?

Pre-COVID-19, Tended were on the up. In April 2019, they received £1.15 million in funding (with £930,000 from private equity and £221,985 from Innovate UK) to grow their business. They also won Tech Product of the Year at the 2019 Lincs Tech and Innovation Awards, as well as coming first in the Rising Star category at last year’s Tech Nation celebration.


How has the business adapted during the pandemic?

Tended decided to continue their mission and help businesses keep their staff safe once they reopened after lockdown. Using the minimum two-metre distance recommended by Public Health England as their inspiration, Tended created their social-distancing solution - dubbed Minimum Separation Distance Technology.

The social-distancing solution includes the Tended Wearable - a IOT (internet of things) proximity tag – and a mobile communication device. The Tended Wearable vibrates if employees get too close to one another, helping them to adhere to social distancing even when they’re concentrating on their work. As well as giving employees peace of mind, the technology also records social distancing breaches, so businesses can spot any issues with their health and safety measures and keep their team safe.


What does the future hold for Tended post COVID-19?

Tended is asking businesses to get in touch if they’d like to introduce the Minimum Separation Distancing Technology to their workplace. For now, they have shifted their focus to help fight the virus, and will continue to do so while businesses need help to get back on track.