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How tech-savvy is your business?


The Business Lincolnshire Growth Hub has launched a free digital health check tool for small-to-medium businesses across Greater Lincolnshire, which will help businesses to self-assess their digital capabilities and identify key areas for improvement to optimise their growth. The five areas evaluated in the short online survey include e-commerce, digital strategy, ICT and digital marketing strategy and implementation.

This exciting new online tool provides each business with a personalised instant report upon completion, with recommendations on digital resources and areas that may need attention in order to grow the business’s potential. The digital health check also directs businesses towards further tools or recommended websites for advice and best practice, to help them input some fresh ideas into their current digital strategy. 

The health check aims to support businesses from across all sectors in utilising technology to unlock their potential, to embrace technology to help them get more from their business. With digital processes constantly changing, it is becoming essential for all businesses to have easy access to the digital tools that can support growth, be that digital marketing via e-newsletter and social media, or physical internal processes like being safe online, using a CRM system efficiently or accessing cloud systems to maximise the efficiency of their workforce.

The digital sector within Greater Lincolnshire is a rapidly growing sector, with an overall turnover value of £992m, so there are lots of local suppliers of digital products and services that can help organisations across all sectors to achieve their digital goals.

To complete the digital health check and access your free report, click here.