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What is the Business Support?

Business Support provided by C4G includes a range of workshops and networking opportunities with a specific focus. The range of topics include Marketing/PR; Social Media; HR issues; Develop/Grow your team in addition to a range of other opportunities. Get in touch to find out more.


Your company must be an SME which are registered with HMRC/Companies House and operate on a business to business sales model.

What could it do for your company?

The Business Support provides an opportunity to develop your/your team's skills to improve efficiency and contribute to the growth of the business. 

Who runs it?

Collaboration 4 Growth is run by the Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce.

How to find out more?

Please visit or call 01522 523 333 to find out more!

What is the grant available for?

Grants of 60% of the total cost of a project are available for investment ready SMEs in Lincoln, North Kesteven and West Lindsey. The grant should support the SME to grow, expand and create new job opportunities.

Capital or Revenue or Both?

Both capital and revenue grants are available.

Percentage of project cost

We offer a 60% flat rate on our grants. 

Any eligibility criteria

Eligible projects

  • Micro, small, and medium sized businesses (with less than 250 employees);
  • Within the administrative boundaries of North Kesteven District Council, West Lindsey District Council, and the City of Lincoln Council;
  • Purchase of advance technology to improve businesses;
  • Purchase of specialist consultancy support;
  • Support the business to develop processes, systems and accreditations;
  • Purchase of certain types of office equipment.

Ineligible projects

  • Ongoing business costs (overheads, business rates);
  • Vehicles and other mobile infrastructures;
  • Salaries and travel costs.

Any required delivery targets / outcome required

The business should be able to demonstrate the impact of the grant in a short monitoring report/case study.

What grant amounts are available?

There are revenue and capital grants available between £2,000 and £7,000 which support activity such as the creation or implementation of new systems and purchasing new equipment.

Who provides the grant?

Grants are administered by Lincoln BIG, although the initial grant application process is managed by Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce, on behalf of the European Regional Development Fund.

How to apply for the grant?

Please visit or call: 01522 842 708 to apply for the grant.

Contact information:

Lincoln Business Improvement Group

Clare Gilman-Abel


3-5 St Swithins Square, Lincoln LN2 1HA

01522 842708

Additional information

Closing Date: 30/11/2021

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