Funding for Training

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Funding for training from Government is not usually paid to you directly. The government pays Colleges and other training providers to run particular types of qualifications and training because they know that improving skills will help businesses grow.  Additional training schemes are sometimes developed locally using EU funds and are free for the same reason.

Is it all free? 

No. Some training is your statutory or legal duty as an employer to provide and it will not be paid for or subsidised by Government, for example manual handling, health & safety, food hygiene. Some training will be subsidised, so the training provider will pay half of the cost and you must pay the rest.


What is available now?

Skills Support to the Workforce

Fully funded training for your staff is currently available to help you grow your business please click here:

You can also contact your local College or training provider directly to find out what training is available through usual Government funding. To find out more please have a look at the Training Your Workforce brochure. Or you can contact a Growth Hub Advisor who can provide impartial advice about business growth.

Lincolnshire County Council runs a learning programme for anyone wishing to enhance their skills through a short course.  This is not just for employers and employees. Click here to access that website.

If you want to understand in detail about the type of training that Government funds Click here.

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