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Four ways your business can save money and go green

Published on: 14/10/2021

With more scientific evidence than ever that humans are causing climate change, we all need to come together to help save our planet. Ahead of COP26, a key climate change summit taking place from 1st to 12th November, we’re sharing how we can help Greater Lincolnshire and Rutland businesses to cut costs and future-proof their business, all while doing their bit to protect the environment.


  1. Get a fully-funded resource audit

Our Resource Efficiency programme helps businesses to understand the resources they are consuming, and pinpoints changes they can make to become more environmentally friendly – often saving money in the process! All small-to-medium-sized businesses across Greater Lincolnshire and Rutland are eligible for an audit from our Resource Efficiency Adviser David Knight [Link to David’s Meet the Adviser blog], who will review your energy and utility bills and suggest how to best invest your time and money.


  1. Make small changes

Think you need to drastically overhaul your operations to go green? You’ll be pleased to know that even small changes can make a difference. From switching light bulbs to recycling electronics and using sustainable packaging, our adviser can suggest easy ways your business can become more eco-friendly.


  1. And big ones

Ready to take things to the next level? If you want to have an even bigger impact on your carbon footprint, then investing in new, environmentally-friendly equipment and machinery can take your business even closer to carbon neutrality. Our adviser can offer guidance on where and when you should invest, helping you to future-proof your business, reduce waste and emissions, and cut costs in the long run.


  1. Think ahead

According to our adviser, a key benefit of going green now is getting ahead of upcoming government legislation that will require all businesses to become more environmentally conscious. Initiatives such as Net Zero by 2050 and the MEEs (minimum energy efficiency standard) regulation will become mandatory in the near future, so investing in eco-friendly equipment and processes now will save you time and money in the long term.


Speak to our Resource Efficiency Adviser:

We understand that the prospect of going green can be overwhelming for businesses, but we’re here to help.

David explains: “We’ve already started to see the impact of climate change – from the heatwaves in the US and Europe, to the wildfires in Australia and the recent flooding we’ve experienced in the UK.

“I can break down what businesses need to know to become more eco-friendly, as well as help them to understand the short and long-term benefits that going green can have on their business.

By working towards reducing your carbon emissions, you can protect your business’s future as well as the planet - but the time to act is now.”


Ready to save money while going green? Get in touch.


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