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How Sean Sankey can help you to grow your business with Lincolnshire Sprint

Published on: 17/11/2021

We spoke to Sean Sankey, Managing Director of Much Clearer Ltd, about how our upcoming Lincolnshire Sprint event on 25th and 26th January can help Greater Lincolnshire and Rutland businesses to grow faster than ever before. 

  • How can the Lincolnshire Sprint event help businesses to grow?

The Lincolnshire Sprint event is inspired by the Google Design Sprint, a process that Google invented roughly 10 years ago to accelerate the design of their software. Since then, the concept has been popularised and adapted for use in a number of scenarios. So far, I’ve used the Growth Sprint process to support 80 businesses across Europe to determine their priorities and speed up their growth. Greater Lincolnshire and Rutland businesses that attend the workshop will have access to these tried and tested workshop techniques, as well as have the “chewy conversations” about what is holding them back, and how to fix it.  

We’ve invited businesses from a range of sectors, so businesses who attend will also have the opportunity to network outside of their usual circles. They’ll have the chance to interact and learn from each other, and maybe even kick off some new projects in the process!  

  • Why do you feel it is important for businesses to increase their use of digital technology? 

From manufacturing their products more efficiently to managing their finances, in the 21st century, every industry is leveraging digital in some form. Most businesses already know the advantages of digital, but with so many options, some businesses struggle to know where to start, especially when it comes to where to put their time and money. As part of the Lincolnshire Sprint event, we can help businesses who are not confident with digital to take advantage of these benefits by pinpointing where going digital can boost their business. The event is dedicated to helping businesses of all stripes to grow and implementing digital processes into their business is one way they can do that. 

  • Why is it important that businesses from a range of industries attend this event? 

 Businesses from a range of sectors are invited to the Lincolnshire Sprint event and will have the opportunity to share strategies. Although best known for agriculture and food production, Lincolnshire is unique in its variation, which brings with it a raft of unique opportunities. By accelerating their growth, these businesses will have the chance to attract larger clients and projects and take their business to the next level.  



  •  Tell us more about the day. 

For the Sprint, each business needs to bring three decision-makers, as you will work together to develop a tailored approach that is best for your business’s growth. This is not a “sit and listen” event, attendees will be guided through discussions, exercises and workshops to develop their approach, which they will take away with them to implement. This approach will help them to make priority calls around where their resources and investment should go, and I’ve not had a business yet that hasn’t found this event as a “pivot point” in their business’s growth.  

  •  What makes the Lincolnshire Sprint event different from other growth programmes and events? 

 The Growth Sprint is unique as it doesn’t just focus on one area, it focuses on multiple to help businesses to really leapfrog their growth. This approach is also tried and tested - we know the tools and techniques work - and businesses will be guided through the process by an expert facilitator. Businesses will also have the chance to meet fellow businesses in a way that is meaningful, helping to develop connections that last. Last of all, it’s enjoyable! It’s in the evening, it’s fairly informal, there will be dinner – it’s a more exciting and dynamic way to learn. These businesses are all part of the story of Lincolnshire, and by attending this event, they will not only play a key part in their own growth, but also the county’s. 

Find out more about the Lincolnshire Sprint event here.

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