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Lincolnshire Investment Network (LIN)

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About the Lincolnshire Investment Network (LIN)

Funded by Lincolnshire County Council and the University of Lincoln, the Lincolnshire Investment Network has been created to enable investment into Lincolnshire-based businesses. It’s a free service available to businesses throughout the county.

Through the duration of the project, they will support the businesses, investors and professional service firms throughout Lincolnshire and deliver a range of events that bring together all three to encourage business development and growth in the region.


The service is free to businesses who are:

-  Producing innovative or unique product or services

-  Scalable with the potential for growth

-  Credible and have a committed team or owner

- Seeking investment between £25,000 and £1m for legitimate purposes, in accordance with the funder's charitable and public status.

The project also supports businesses who are seeking investment opportunities with local businesses and includes events for potential investors to discover the value of a business, due diligence and the investment process.


For intermediaries

If you have clients that are businesses with growth potential or high net worth individuals, you could help to support the Lincolnshire Investment Network to help facilitate business growth and development throughout the county.

Building a strong network of intermediaries with a variety of skills and services to offer, from business planning to financial advice can help to strengthen the development process and provide the best possible advice and necessary information to those businesses with growth potential.


For further information:

Please contact Russell Copley or Michelle Davis of Greenborough Management Ltd on 01522 837 269 or email

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