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Culture Recovery Fund for Independent Cinemas

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What is the grant available for?

The purpose of the funding is to sustain viable and important cultural
institutions in the most value for money way possible, addressing the
sudden shortage of income arising from the COVID-19 pandemic,
but not necessarily operating in the way that they were before the COVID-19

There are two strands of funding available:

A. Safety grants to enable independent cinemas to ensure that their
building and environment is safe to open for both the workforce and
the public.

B. Business Sustainability grants to support independent cinemas
to operate viably under the restricted conditions imposed by the
COVID-19 pandemic.

Organisations can apply for either of the above, or both. You can also
apply for both a Safety Grant and a Business Sustainability Grant at
different times.

Please read the guidelines for more information.

Any eligibility criteria

Due to limitations on funding, this Fund is directed solely at cinemas that are
building based and provide a year round film programme.

You can apply if you are an organisation that runs a maximum of 18
cinema sites, but each individual cinema must meet eligibility criteria B,
and also eligibility criteria C if applying for a Business Sustainability Grant,
and the application must be able to demonstrate this in the financial
accounts provided. 

This funding is not intended for other exhibitors such as film festivals or
touring providers.

What grant amounts are available?

Up to £10,000.

How to apply for the grant?

Applications can be made at any time up to the closing date of the Fund,
and you will need to complete an application online.

You can make an application for a Safety Grant and/or a Business
Sustainability Grant and may wish to apply for both at separate times.

For any more information, please contact

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