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What is the Business Support?

Designblok is part of the College of Arts at the University of Lincoln and brings together a range of University design expertise and its fabrication technologies to champion the value of design as a tool for innovation and business growth. 

Designblok works with a range of industry sectors providing design expertise and access to a range of new digital fabrication technologies to solve practical and strategic business problems; to experiment, innovate, test ideas and to produce new and original solutions.

What could it do for your company?

What we offer:

  • Access to new digital prototype & fabrication facilities. Use our technologies to capture, model, simulate, fabricate and test.
  • Design consultancy. Expertise and advice to innovate and concept proofing
  • Knowledge transfer for new product and service development. Working the business to build new capabilities, new products, new market opportunities and to innovate and grow
  • Design Research. Our researchers and innovators exploit creative design methods and design technologies to create value out of new research insights. We aim to shape ideas and transform them into ‘propositions’ that are desirable, useable and feasible.
  • Student Design Studio. Engage student talent to stimulate new thinking and concepts.
  • PAYG Facilities access. Designblok provides access to enterprising individuals, graduates, new and existing businesses that has a novel idea or project that would benefit from using our technologies and expertise. 
  • Funding advice for innovation, new product design and development

Designblok technologies include:

  • 3D scanning. In full colour from small objects through to full building surveys. Minimal contact, inspection, measurement and collection of 3D digital evidence
  • CAD and computer modelling. Design, simulate, render and digital reconstruction
  • 3D printing. Develop and test prototypes quickly. Tactile replicas, bespoke parts, jigs and fixtures.
  • CNC milling and routing. Working with a range of materials
  • Laser cutting and engraving. Highly intricate pattern cutting and model making
  • Ceramic, wood & metals
  • Large format printing. Printing onto A4 to A0, paper, card and fabrics
  • New media. Filming, editing, show reels, VR, 360 filming, green room and media training
  • Our expertise and technology can create immersive 3D copies, or ‘digital twins’, of all types of built spaces and venues. These can then be shared with clients, contractors and visitors to freely navigate and explore, anytime, anywhere.

The benefits of our expertise

  • Ensure that new concepts are fit for purpose and technically robust
  • Reduce the risks, time and cost of developing new products and ideas.
  • Add value, distinctiveness and identity.
  • To access new markets through exploitation of design and innovation.
  • To develop high level skills with innovation technologies, ICT and problem solving techniques.

Who runs it?

College of Arts - University of Lincoln

How to find out more?

Click HERE or email to find out more.

Additional information

Closing Date: 30/06/2022

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