Sustain Lincolnshire Resource Efficiency Business Support NOW CLOSED (Free)

What is the business support?

Detailed on site audit to identify where businesses can reduce their resource use, including electricity, gas, fuel, waste, water and raw materials.

Action plan to support to prioritise the actions identified through the audit.

Training and expert support

On site support


Eligibility criteria:

Must have a Lincolnshire Postcode

Small or medium sized enterprise (fewer than 250 employees) with a turnover of under £50m Euro's, balance sheet of less than £43m Euro's and not more than a quarter owned by a large organisation.

Ineligiable sectors: Agriculture, schools, healthcare, financial services and charities.

Not received more than £200,000 Euro's of public sector support in the last 3 years.

What could it do for your business?

Help support the business to make changes and prioritise areas where efficiency savings can be made through things such as water, gas and electricity and look at renewable technologies such as solar photovoltaic panels, wind turbines and biomass boliers.

On site support and access to a range of resources including case studies, funding advice and briefings on key environmetal topics.

Who runs it?

Peterborough Environment City Trust

How to find out more

Andrew Jackson

01522 837209

Contact Information:

David Knight

Telephone numbers:
01733 882547