EUREKA Eurostars (Free)

What is the grant available for?

EUREKA Eurostars is aimed at innovative SMEs wanting to take part in collaborative research with partners across Europe and associated countries. Innovate UK manage UK applications.

Small businesses working on high-quality research and development projects across national borders often find it difficult to attract public-sector funding. Eurostars was set up to overcome this barrier to innovation.

Eligibility Criteria

  • In the UK, only research & development (R&D) performing SMEs are eligible for grant funding
  • Academics/universities, Research and Technology Organisations RTOs) and large companies can participate, but must fund their own participation or use funds from other sources
  • Maximum grant budget is €360,000 per UK project partner, grant rate is up to 60% of eligible project costs
  • UK eligibility project costs follow the UK domestic rules
  • UK SMEs can only receive funding for one Eurostars project at any one time
  • Participants must be separate non-linked legal entities
  • Companies must be registered at Companies House and trading for 12 months at the closing date for applications
  • All work must be carried out in the UK and project costs must be incurred in the UK
  • Labour costs have to be PAYE
  • UK subcontracting is capped at 20% of the UK partner eligible costs
  • UK lead projects must be managed by an SME as per the Eurostars criteria. Project Management cannot be subcontracted SMEs with one or fewer employees [part time equivalent] cannot lead a project

Delivery targets and required outcomes

Projects can develop any technology for civilian purpose and must aim to develop a new product, process or service.

Who provides the grant?

Innovate UK

How to Apply

Find out more information and how to apply HERE


Contact Information:

Graham M Mobbs

Innovate UK
North Star House
North Star Avenue, Swindon

Telephone numbers:
+44 (0)7824 599585