Business Inspiration - Bishop Grossesteste University (NOT YET OPEN) (Free)

What is the business support?

Business Inspiration is a short, practical, peer-learning based programme which integrates personal development od entrepreneurial leadership and management capabilities wirh analysis of the business options and strategies for growth. 

In essence, a project advisor will work with a business, especially those undertaking the ‘Business Inspiration’ development activities, to identify additional support needs that could be met through one of the three grant ‘strands’. Subject to eligibility criteria being met and the ‘strand(s)’ considered appropriate, the business will be supported to make an application. Once received, ‘and checked the application will be considered by an approval panel made-up of independent to the project professionals. If approved, the applicant will then be supported through the process of securing services/items identified in the application and in completing the required paperwork to support audit of the project.

Who runs it?

This programme is being delivered by Bishop Grosseteste University

How to find out more


What is the grant available for?

The value of the grant is set at a minimum amount of £500 as a 50% contributiono to the total project costs and a maximum of £10,000 as a 50% contribution to the total project costs. 

Unless advised otherwise, businesses will only be permitted to apply for funding once (if successful). Unsuccessful applicants may resubmit a suitably amended application or, alternatively, a completely new application as appropriate.

Contact Information:

Mark Bowen

Bishop Grosseteste University

Telephone numbers:
01522 583727