Rural Development Funding (Free)

What is the grant available for?

The latest round of Rural Development Programme funding was formally announced by Lord Gardiner on 29 July 2017.

For the first time under the current scheme, specific funding will be available to support new rural broadband projects. It will also provide significant amounts of funding to on-farm businesses to invest in new infrastructure such as new buildings and machinery. The grants will also fund landowners to improve farm productivity and invest in rural tourism opportunities.

This round of funding includes: 

  • £30m to improve rural broadband. Broadband grants will encourage growth by helping provide broadband services at speeds of 30Mbps or faster where this is not available or planned.
  • £45m to help rural businesses grow and invest in new equipment. Rural businesses, including those engaged in tourism and food production, can apply for funding to invest in their company, helping them to expand, diversify, and invest in new technology.
  • £120m is earmarked for projects that improve farm productivity. This money will help farmers, foresters and landowners manage their land more effectively. Funding will be available for a wide range of purposes, including woodland management equipment, creating on-farm reservoirs and using water more efficiently.
  • £6.6m for animal health and welfare projects.

The first grant funding that will become available will be for reservoirs and forestry equipment and these are expected to be open for applications from Monday 31 July, 2017.

Funding for broadband, rural business support, on-farm food processing, arable and horticultural productivity and resource efficiency will be made available later in the year.

Who provides the grant?

Rural Services Network

How to Apply

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Contact Information:

The Rural Services Network
Kilworthy Park
PL19 0BZ

Telephone numbers:
01822 851370