Growing Enterprise - Start & Grow (Partly Free)

What is the business support?

The Start & Grow programme provides a range of pre and post start support to individuals looking to start a business. Clients must have the aspiration and the capability to make the business a success. The programme is available to those looking to start a business which expects to employ people from its early stages and where start-up financing will be required to get the venture off the ground. The support provided is tailored to the individual needs of the owner and the business idea, but will include one to one support and advice, workshops and training, mentoring and help finding funding.


  • Business owner will be fully engaged in the business.
  • Business Owner expects to be trading three years after the business starts to trade.
  • Business will create at least one additional job.
  • Business is expected to benefit from investment, either personal equity or a loan/grant.
  • Business owner contributes £100 +V.A.T. at the beginning of the process to demonstrate commitment to starting the business.

What could it do for your business?

Typically clients will receive:

  • One-to-one assessment with an experienced, independent business adviser who will review your business ideas and formulate the next steps.
  • An intensive personalised support programme, including guidance, advice and peer learning, leading to the development of a robust business plan.
  • Access to business development workshops, events and networking.
  • Dedicated support to develop an application for external funding.
  • Ongoing support after business start-up for up to 3 years.
  • 6 months membership to NBV's Biz Ex package

Package of support is worth a total of £5,000.

Who runs it?

This programme is delivered by NBV Enterprise Solutions supported by RGF 6 Funding.

Contact Information:

Andrea Huscroft

Telephone numbers:
0844 887 2568