Enterprise Capital Fund (ECF) (Free)

What is the finance available for?

The ECF programme is intended to address a long term structural weakness in the provision of risk capital for SMEs in the UK. Currently this gap is considered to be most severe in investments of under £2m. 

ECFs are commercial funds which bring together a combination of private and public money in order to support high growth businesses. The programme operates by providing gearing on private investments in the funds, in effect offering enhanced profits to private investors when funds are successful. This gearing is designed to offer investors returns at the same level they might achieve in later stage venture capital funds. 

Eligibility Criteria

There are 12 funds each with a different focus. Please visit the website for more information.

How to Apply

Information for companies seeking equity investment CfEL is not able to deal with queries from companies looking for equity funding. CfEL is a passive investor in each ECF and has no day-to-day involvement in their management. Investment decisions are delegated to the manager of each of the funds. Companies are therefore advised to contact a fund manager with a relevant investment focus, rather than CfEL. 

Contact Information:

Telephone numbers:
0114 206 2131