Business innovation is all about the successful exploitation of new ideas. Innovation plays a fundamental role in the success of many of the world's leading businesses. Often, the objective of dynamic, growing businesses is to innovate as well as to generate profits.

Support for innovation

Innovation Vouchers - Innovate UK has brought together a list of all the innovation voucher schemes they are aware of that are currently operating across the UK.

Innovation Networks

MediLink EM

Medilink EM is the East Midlands life science industry association, whose aim is to help companies establish, develop and grow.

Food and Drink

The Food and Drink iNet co-ordinates specialist support to stimulate innovation in the food and drink industry to increase competitiveness, sustainability and business growth

The Transport iNet

Transport iNet helps businesses working in this sector to flourish and drive the East Midlands economy forward by helping individual sectors to work together, share ideas, technologies, intelligence, innovation and create a link between operational industries and the academic community.

If your business is in one of these sectors, an iNet could provide the funding, expertise and contacts you need to turn your ideas into commercial gain.

Local Innovation Centres

Details of local Innovation Centres can be found within the Premises section of BusinessLincolnshire.

Innovate UK Technology Strategy Board

Please see the advice and grant scheme page for more information.