What else should be in the marketing plan?

Have you considered everything?

Do you need brochures? 

Will they be printed or electronic?

How long does it take to sell to a customer? 

Have you got enough sales people?

Are you reliant of transport or machinery? 

What will happen if you cannot get to your customer?

What will it cost to fix? 

Can you predict how many sales you will make?

Does your marketing budget link to your sales forecast?

How will you monitor your progress?

What will you do if you are falling behind schedule or if costs overrun?

What if the plan isn’t working?

Can you learn from mistakes and update the plan?

Everything that impacts on the 7 P's should be included in your marketing plan. Each activity can then be costed and included in your budget.

As mentioned earlier, this sort of planning activity should be repeated at regular intervals throughout the lifetime of your business, not just at the starting up stage.