Funding your....Overseas Trade

Companies developing trade overseas have a whole host of new business challenges to consider when tackling an overseas market. Not only is there the whole question of market research and sales planning in a foreign country to consider, but there is also the question of how to make contact with the right people in the chosen country of export, what documentation is required, what are the VAT implications and how will the physical movement of products and the financial transactions be managed when there are border controls and other currencies and exchange rates to consider.

If you plan to start exporting, you’ll need to follow the rules depending on whether your goods are going to a country:

  • in the EU
  • outside the EU
  • outside the EU via an EU country

This choice will have an impact on a number of things including the transactional records require, the VAT implications, licenses such as strategic export licenses, trade control licenses and transhipment licenses, etc.

Credit terms and insurances must also be considered to protect your business and UK Export finance can help exporters seeking trade finance and insurance solutions.

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