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Small Changes, Maximum Impact: Simple Ways to Make Your Small Business More Efficient

Posted in Business Planning by Rebecca Taylor on 2017-10-31 00:00

Making some small changes to your business can have a huge impact on its efficiency and maximise how your money is being spent. Efficiency is important for small business as it means you are using your time and resources to their maximum potential and saving money in the long run. If you just need to make a few small changes or have a complete overhaul, by focusing on the areas discussed below, you are bound to notice a difference to overall efficiency of your business. Maximise your workforce. Do you have lengthy staff meetings that go completely off track? Or do you...

The Top 5 Employment Law Mistakes

Posted in Legal Considerations by (from Taylor Rose Law ) on 2015-04-22 00:00

Advice from Taylor Rose Law. As an employer it is your responsibility to follow the correct laws and procedures set in place to protect your business and your employee’s rights to work.