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Best of business turn out for Made in Lincolnshire Awards

Posted by Social Change on 2017-05-18 00:00

The winners for the annual Made in Lincolnshire Awards were announced yesterday at a ceremony in Lincoln. Made in Lincolnshire seeks to celebrate the area’s excellence in manufacturing and its well earned reputation for innovation within the sector. It also aims to showcase the diversity and creativity of those manufacturing in Lincolnshire.

Manufacturing is a very important sector for Greater Lincolnshire based on its contribution to the UK economy. The sector delivers a direct economic value to the Greater Lincolnshire economy of £3.4billion per year and will play a significant part in the future economic growth of the region. 

The winners announced yesterday were: 


WINNER: Red Hill Farm Free Range Pork

Our Lincolnshire sausages are hand produced on our farm using our own free range pork. The point of difference is the quality of the primary ingredient, our pork. We breed and rear our own pigs, ethically farmed to the highest welfare standards; free to roam, root and wallow on the farm. Our ethos is to give the pigs everything they need, but nothing they don’t and to commit the extra time, effort, skill and expense to produce premium quality meat. Made to an age old family recipe, our Lincolnshire sausages are authentic and offer genuine provenance. Despite national recognition for our sausages, we remain selective about the businesses we work with and choose to sell most of our product in person at farmers markets and in our farm-shop. This ensures that we remain an ethical small business that values its customers and concentrates on quality from farming through to retail.



Mtag Composites Ltd are one of the leading Phenolic, Epoxy and Polyester fibreglass moulders in the UK. Whilst Mtag are not involved in the design process of a product, we work very closely with our customers, assisting them with any technical guidance that may be required. Mtag are ISO9001:2008 accredited, and is currently working to achieve the 2015 standards before the end of this year. We are supplying into the rail, aircraft bus & coach and leisure industries. We specialise in Phenolic Mouldings that give excellent fire resisting and Marine Environment properties meeting BS476 Part 6 & 7,BS6853:1999 Toxic Fume R, smoke density, amongst other standards. There are not many phenolic moulders within the UK, which is a requirement of the rail and aircraft industries, following the Kings Cross underground fire during the 1980's, due to the fire properties of the product that is produced.


WINNER: JDM Food Group

Based near Boston in Lincolnshire and providing employment for over 300 employees, JDM Food Group Limited is a £40 million pa food manufacturing business. Whilst the majority of the company’s products are sold within the UK, JDM has a rapidly expanding export division currently worth over £2.96million pa.JDM ships products to Ireland, Scandinavia, Israel, Russia, Iceland, France, Holland, the Gulf Region and Australia and is now extending these horizons by looking West, exploring a new deal in 2017 which will see the company expand into the US market. JDM Food Group will be attending overseas exhibitions in Berlin, Dubai, Amsterdam and Köln presenting products and manufacturing capabilities to a wider audience with the aim of growing its export business.


WINNER: Micronclean

Micronclean has been owned and managed by the Fry family since 1928, although the laundry had been in existence since 1883 as the Skegness Steam Laundry suppling local hotels and boarding houses. From this beginning Micronclean has transformed to provide laundered garments and sterile consumables to high-tech companies throughout the UK. The process began in 1981 when Micronclean patented a laundry system for garments worn in ISO Class 4 cleanrooms and created the company’s first cleanroom laundry in Skegness. This was replaced in 1997 by a facility which remains the UK’s largest cleanroom laundry. In 1989 a barrier laundry was built in Grantham and this was followed in 2003 by an ISO Class 6 validated laundry in Louth with a capacity of 120,000 garments per week. Constantly innovating in 2011 Micronclean opened an ISO 5 cleanroom in Skegness to manufacture sterile consumable products such as trigger sprays and impregnated wipes.


WINNER: SHD Composite Materials Ltd

SHD Composite Materials Ltd lead the world in the development of sustainable materials which are used for the manufacture of interior structures for passenger aircraft and trains. It is vital that these materials are flame resistant and do not give off toxic smoke in the event of a fire. Almost exclusively, current materials are based on fossil fuels and the chemicals used in them pose serious health risks to the people making the parts. SHD have developed an alternative material made by up-cycling waste from the sugar industry to form a material which meets all the technical and safety requirements of the aerospace and rail industries whilst being both safe and sustainable. A new company, SHD MTI Ltd has been formed as part of SHD Holdings Ltd to exploit this innovative material and develop worldwide sales. From small beginnings in Sleaford, SHD are becoming an international leader in sustainable composites.


WINNER: Sports & Leisure Brands Ltd

Sports and Leisure Brands specialise in the design and manufacture of high performance sportswear. Our industry leading brand, Impsport, has been supplying custom cycling clothing to the globes elite sportsmen and women for over 30 years. Impsport garments have been worn by winners of the highest cycling accolades; Tour De France champions, Olympic and Commonwealth Games gold medallists and World Champions. Our production facilities and offices are just outside Lincoln, employing and training local staff and working with partners across the world in the pursuit of sporting perfection. Our team of expert designers and pattern masters utilise the latest digital printing technologies, whilst still offering a completely bespoke service to all our customers including Paralympians, youth riders and club-level riders in the UK and across the world. We think we’re the best at what we do, and what we do is World Class.