CompeteFor - Buyer & Supplier Engagement

Following CompeteFor's successful use by the London 2012 Games authorities and their supply chains, the service continues to be used in the supply chain of major capital infrastructure projects, such as Crossrail.

CompeteFor is a free service that enables businesses to compete for contract opportunities linked to major public and private sector buying organisations.

CompeteFor strives to be the national supply chain development service, matching buyers and suppliers. It focuses on opportunities in the supply chains of major capital infrastructure projects. CompeteFor has introduced a number of optional upgrades to further support buyers and suppliers.

Lincolnshire suppliers have the opportunity to access supply chain offers from major projects including Transport for London, Crossrail, Thames Tideway Tunnel and HS2 - and many others. 

About CompeteFor

Over 185,000 businesses are registered, with more than 16,000 business opportunities being made available. In 2016, 75% of CompeteFor awarded contract have gone to small or medium size enterprises and two thirds of the contracts awardded to CompeteFor suppliers of located outside on London. 

Approved buyer organisations are able to benefit from access to a wide range of diverse suppliers, shortliist of suppliers to meet their specific needs and identify potential partners for the information of consortia. Buying organisations can also use Delta eSourceing suite to continue the procurement process online after the short listing stage. 

Suppliers registered on CompeteFor can set up a business profile, providing FREE access to supply chain opportunities, daily email alerts relevant to the needs and offers. 

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