Support the delivery of local education

Businesses are increasingly assisting local schools and colleges with the provision of education and services to young people.

Supporting a local school or college can benefit both the education provider and your business. Your staff will benefit from improved communication, planning and presentation skills, and your business will gain greater exposure within the local community. Young people will gain advantages from the improvements made to their education.

Work Experience - By providing work experience for a young person you can introduce them to a range of experiences in your business. Work experience is a placement with your business where a young person carries out tasks or duties similar to those your employees would perform. By carrying out these activities, the pupil will be learning about business and developing their employability skills.

Industry days - Your business could select a 'visiting expert' who could attend the school or college to give short talks on your business or industry or specialism. They can also assist in lesson time - under supervision of a teacher - and run a workshop around your business' area of expertise.

Mentoring - You could mentor a young person by building a structured and rewarding relationship, offering guidance, support and encouragement and developing their skills and character. Mentoring pupils can help to raise their aspirations

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