Employment and Skills Board

The Lincolnshire & Rutland Employment and Skills Board was set up in 2009 to champion learning, education and skills, locally and nationally, on behalf of local employers and employee, providing a link between local economic development needs and strategic planning.

It has expanded its remit in recent years and is now the skills arm of the LEP, and known as the Greater Lincolnshire Employment and Skills Board it has a specific role in developing and informing the LEP’s strategic plans with particular reference to skills and training needs.

This includes the skills needs of our young people, those seeking jobs and the skills of our current workforce.

Its role is to shape and influence employment and skills support to meet the needs of employers in Greater Lincolnshire and its aim is to boost economic development by creating a more highly skilled local workforce which will attract new employment opportunities.

The board is employer led, made up of 16 volunteers representing local employers, training organisations and public sector. An Executive Steering Group serves the board, representing local authorities at district and county level, the Skills Funding Agency and Jobcentre Plus.

The Lincolnshire and Rutland Employment and Skills Plan, "Towards a better place to work and learn", was published in July 2010. This was produced my members of the partnership and forms the basis of Board priorities. A summary and full version can be found on the Board website www.lincsrutlandesb.com 

An updated document is currently being completed and will be published in Spring 2015.