Job Descriptions

When a person exits your business, or you have decided you need to appoint someone to a new post, it is a time to review the requirements of the business and to define the remit of the role.   If this is not done it is possible that a new recruit be ‘assigned’ all the jobs and duties existing team members don’t want to do!  If you want the new person to succeed you must provide them with clear direction about their role and responsibilities.

Although some jobs are quite broad and responsibilities can be complex, mapping out what is essential to success in the role in a simple document which can inform the recruitment process from the advert stage is critical.

See example Job Description template in the related section to the right. 

Start with the Job Title – this will be important to both the job holder and the existing team, title denotes seniority.   ‘Managers’ should have responsibility to manage something – either people, processes or financial resources.  Role Purpose is a brief statement which should answer the question “What do you do?” Key Accountabilities should be a list of the things they have to do to fulfil the responsibilities of the role.

Which skills and abilities are essential to success in the role?  In a difficult job market you may have to invest in training and spend time developing new recruits, but look for core qualities which can be built upon rather than aiming to ‘train in’ abilities which do not exist.   Competencies are a good way of defining what is important about HOW someone operates as well as WHAT they achieve.

Completed Job Descriptions and Company Competencies have been provided to help guide your thinking regarding what is important to your Company.

See examples of completed Job Descriptions – Operator and Operations Team Leader  - on the right hand side of the page.