Other things to consider

Spend some time mapping out what makes your company’s employees unique and try and find people who get job satisfaction behaving in that way. If you are clear about what you need, the challenge of developing a thorough interview technique which is consistent in its methods of testing candidates for their core values and beliefs will be easier. This will ensure you are bringing on board the people who will build on your existing company strengths and will succeed.

Make as many key decisions about the role before progressing to the next stage. If you have not decided what is key to the business you may be tempted stretch your budget or your essential specification for the job if you meet someone you like. If you have thought things through beforehand you are less likely to get it wrong, or upset existing members of the team.

Work location – if their home is their work base they may expect the Company to reimburse them for work related travel. Also it is harder to integrate remote workers via meetings and email – you will have to consider how this can be done if the central work location is not their regular base.

Salary and Benefits - The modern workforce values flexibility, especially in term of work life balance. Juggling care for dependents, both young and elderly, having time for personal health and interests outside of work are what both male and female employees are now expecting.

Employee benefits need to be varied and tailored to the needs of the workforce and can change over time. Having clear policies in terms of flexible working, staggered start/finish times, employee health initiatives and respect for employee ‘down time’ can increase your attractiveness as an employer and grow your image as an Employer of Choice.

The law dictates you have to consider flexible working for your employees, but employees may expect to earn or fight for the right for non-regular hours. If you have adapted your workplace to accommodate flexibility and its working for you, use this as a recruitment tool you may get better qualified candidates at a price you can afford if you accommodate their needs.

Bonus and Performance related pay – if you are willing to pay more if the employee succeeds in the role communicate this as a plus point for your organisation. Express the potential earnings as OTE or On Target Earnings – which is different from salary, but will encourage the type of employee who likes to achieve.