Promoting Your Vacancy

There are many methods of attracting suitable candidates to your role.  The first task is to sell your job, promote all the positive aspects of working for your company and the interesting and exciting parts of the role.  Be truthful, yet positive!  The job advert is a way to promote yourself as a good employer, your public image can be damaged by a poorly presented job advert.

Generating a broad response from candidates who meet your Job Specification criteria is the aim of any recruitment campaign.  If you are overwhelmed with applicants you can be strict on progressing only those applicants who meet both your essential and desirable criteria.   If you need to cut down your short list further prioritise those who live local to your work location or have additional experience or skills which may be of benefit as the company grows, or provide cover in times of sickness or holidays. 

Try and think about your role from the eyes of a prospective employee, if you are unsure ask someone in your current team why they work for your company.  In writing your Job Advertisement follow the prompts of the attached Job Advert Template (PDF) and generate some ideas by reading the Example Completed (Job Advert) also attached.  Some notes on some of the important headings are below.


Salary & Benefits Package


You may have a set budget for the role, or you may have an upper or lower range you are willing to pay within.  You may want to consider pushing yourself to the limit of what you can afford pay as a few thousand more may mean a lot to an employee, and therefore attract a higher calibre of applicant, however may not have such a big impact on your company finances.  If you are putting out an advert for new staff at a pay rate higher than existing team members doing a comparable job you may decide to list ‘salary negotiable’ to avoid controversy.


Settled employees with a good length of service may stay with you for salaries which don’t attract new employees, therefore you may be under pressure to pay more to a newcomer than to existing team members.  Long servers are not always your most productive employees, they may be stuck in their ways and reluctant to pick up new skills, conversely they may be the back bone of your organisation and essential to your continued survival.  Concentrate on raising the level of engagement and involvement of your workforce, don’t pay them for turning up.  Reward and recognise high achievement by having a simple appraisal process linked to factors critical to your business success.


It is always contentious paying New Starters more than loyal staff, but you may be left without a choice as ‘job mobile’ candidates are subject to market demand which can inflate your entry level salaries.  Paying slightly over the market rate for ‘like for like’ jobs will attract candidates and stop those you do engage from looking elsewhere after a few months.


Methods of application - Asking candidates to submit their details in the form of a CV puts the onus on them to promote themselves appropriately and put some effort in.  However some candidates may be put off by this hurdle and completing an application form may generate a wider range of applicants.


Template Job Application Form  (PDF)