East Lindsey

East Lindsey is one of the largest and sparsest districts in the country and is made up of distinct economic and geographical areas.

Business Support Services

We are dedicated to working with you to develop a sustainable, thriving and prosperous economy and offer you a range of services to help develop your business and our local economy including:

  • Encouraging and supporting local and inward investment
  • Co-ordinating and supporting activities which focus on skills development
  • Business start-up advice and established business development support
  • Commercial property and land provision, searches and advice
  • Sourcing of funding and grants
  • Business incubation and support through our business centres in Skegness, Mablethorpe and Louth
  • Supporting procurement through training and the Procurement Lincolnshire Programme
  • Development of innovation
  • The development of policy to address the challenges faced by both rural and coastal economies
  • The provision of general markets and associated infrastructure
  • Tourism infrastructure development and quality standards programme
  • Town centre management

To access the EDLC electronic newsletter please click here http://www.e-lindsey.gov.uk/article/1952/e-Business-Brief

Contact ELDC if you would like to discuss a business project or want further information on the economic and business development services available.

ELDC are part of the Lincolnshire Business Support Network - LINBIS - along with The City of Lincoln Council,  West Lindsey District Council and the private sector to provide one-to-one, face-to-face professional support for start-up businesses.