Superfast Broadband Rollout

Onlincolnshire is part of Lincolnshire County Council, Central Government (BDUK), working with partner organisations to promote good connections between people, services, communities and places. Lincolnshire County Council and the seven District Councils are providing public funds for the Lincolnshire broadband programme together with a contribution of approximately £9 million from BT. The Onlincolnshire vision is to transform lives and life chances through the availability and use of digital technologies.

In March 2013, the council signed a £48 million contract with BT to provide superfast broadband to at least 88% of county properties by 2016, with the remaining properties having access to at least of 2Mbps broadband. A further investment of £2.1 million was announced in February 2014 which will increase the number of properties that can receive superfast broadband to 89%. The County Council has provisionally been awarded £2.35 for Phase 2 of the project and it is hoped that with matched funding that the number of premises that can be reached will increase to at least 95%.

Onlincolnshire and Lincoln based AB Internet have also joined forces to deliver a new wireless broadband service, that offers superfast broadband to residents and businesses in the south east of the county thanks to a £300,000 grant from the European Regional Development Fund.

You can keep abreast of these activities on Here you can type in your post code to find out when superfast broadband is coming to your area, you can also find out about other events and activities which onlincolnshire and partner organisations are delivering and sign up for a weekly newsletter which brings up to date information to your email address each week.

You may have recently heard that the area in which you have your home or business has been upgraded and that premises in the area can now access Superfast Broadband (SFB). Should this be the case it does not follow that you will be automatically upgraded to the new service. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may contact you to ask whether you want the upgrade but in many cases you may have to contact them yourselves. In addition the fact that your local exchange is offering SFB does not necessarily mean that your ISP can, or will offer the new service. In the first few weeks or months of service it may only be one or two ISPs that can offer the service in an upgraded area.