BG Futures

BG Business and Enterprise Centre - A vibrant environment for business start-ups

Potential tenants may be at the pre-start or start-up stage or within 2 years of commencement of trading to qualify.

BG Futures provide;  

  • “Virtual Tenancy” and “Hot-Desk” facilities.
  • 15 business incubator units of various sizes ranging from 8 m2 to 25m2.
  • In-house business development staff, support facilities such as reprographics and IT and a range of meeting / conference / exhibition rooms.
  • Affordability, due to the relatively small size of the units, has been a key consideration as this can be a major factor in the success or failure of a new-start micro-business.
  • Units are currently (Dec 2012) charged for at the rate of £150 per m2 inclusive of all utilities but excluding VAT and Small Business Rates. Please call to check any rate changes.
  • Tenants enjoy “easy-in/easy-out” terms of one month’s notice from both party and the tenancy period would normally not exceed two years to allow others to benefit from the support provided.

All are welcome to apply irrespective of background - BG Futures not only targets graduates / students of BG but also specific beneficiary groups such as migrant workers and their families, women, those from communities suffering the greatest deprivation and the disabled. Two financial bursaries are potentially available, provided by a local businessman, to encourage and support those with the potential to succeed but who couldn’t otherwise afford the rental charge. For more information please contact Mark Bowen on 01522 583727.

The workspace expansion has been jointly funded by BG, the European Regional Development Fund, Lincolnshire Enterprise and Lincolnshire County Council.