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Reduce Carbon & Energy Costs: Take Your First Steps Towards Net-Zero

Join this Humber Business Week workshop to gain a better understanding of net-zero, learn how to calculate your business’ carbon footprint and begin developing your pathway towards decarbonisation.

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We are all acutely aware of rising energy costs both at home and in our businesses. Decarbonisation is directly linked to reducing energy and its associated costs. Aiming to be net-zero is a sound ethical objective but with bills spiralling there is another urgent need to reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible. Take your first step during Humber Business Week, by joining this practical workshop led by the Growth Hub’s Resource and Energy Efficiency Specialist, David Knight.

Understanding net-zero and the pathway to achieving it has never been more important. With the UK Government setting in law their requirement to achieve net zero by 2050, there’s increasing pressure from large procurement bodies like supermarkets, the NHS, and others requiring everyone, including SMEs in their supply chain, to show how they will reduce their carbon emissions. Alongside cost benefits and with a changing public attitude to tackling climate change, can your business really afford not to consider how to decarbonise?

However, there are still many organisations struggling to get started for a variety of reasons. These are mostly time and/or resource constraints, but lack of knowledge and navigating the sheer volume of information only compounds the problem, leaving the key question, “Where do I start?”.

At Business Lincolnshire, we want to help SMEs begin their journey towards net zero by looking at the absolute fundamentals. This fully interactive workshop will help to guide SMEs through the language and help them onto a pathway that will lead to achieving net zero.

The workshop will cover:

·         What is net zero?

·         What information do I need to get started?

·         How to calculate a carbon footprint.

·         How to plan an initial pathway to net zero.

This workshop is solely focused on business carbon only, understanding your own carbon footprint first. The workshop will help you to identify what data you need, where to source that data, and how to manage and convert the data into a carbon footprint, which will include a carbon conversion exercise so you can get hands on experience. We will also look at basic actions and how to build a plan that provides immediate activities you can do to get started, as well as future actions to plan for.

By the end of the workshop, attendees will have a better understanding of net zero, recognise what information they need to include, have calculated a carbon footprint, and developed a basic action plan to get started. Don’t delay, book your place today!


About the Presenter

David Knight leads Business Lincolnshire’s resource and energy efficiency services. He excels in carbon and energy analysis and has a broad depth of knowledge and understanding of energy efficiency and how it can be applied to an organisation, as well as being a firm advocate for the right technology in the right place. He has worked with organisations of all sizes and from all sectors to find successful ways to make vital changes to reduce their energy reliance and carbon emissions.


Secure your place

The workshop is fully funded and places are limited so be sure to apply for yours today. Confirmation of your place will be sent separately once your eligibility has been checked post receiving your application.

Please note we are only able to offer one place per company to ensure we can support as many businesses as possible. To qualify for this funded support, your business must be a small to medium enterprise (SME) based in Greater Lincolnshire. Apologies, no support intermediaries, public bodies, or financial sector businesses.


Am I eligible?

The workshop is available to businesses, partnerships, sole traders, and registered charities, with a trading address located within Greater Lincolnshire.

To attend, your business must complete an SME enrolment form to check the business’s eligibility against the funding criteria. (The form will be sent to you on completion of an Eventbrite booking - if one has not already been completed and on file).

Please note that attendance at Business Lincolnshire events will not preclude eligibility to access grant funding.

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Event information:


08/06/2022 10:00 - 12:00

Category: Workplace

Organised by:
Business Lincolnshire Growth Hub in Partnership with Humber Business Week 2022

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Juliet Lawton