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WEBINAR: Understanding Logistics

60 minute import/export focused webinar with Q&A explaining logistics processes and procedures that govern the transport of goods

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For UK companies exclusively trading with the EU, 1st January 2021 came as a significant shock, and the following months placed a spotlight on logistics companies and the important role they play in global trade. As companies have subsequently grappled with how they can continue to trade seamlessly with the EU, they may have explored EU warehousing or 3PL solutions to achieve economies of scale in transport and documentation costs, or to overcome issues with EU VAT.

The fact is that logistics is a small word that covers many elements, from storage, warehousing, and materials handling, through to transport, information and control. The UK logistics industry has doubled in size since 2012 and added a further 190K of workers between 2019 and 21 alone, making it one of the UK’s faster growing sectors. So how does this sector support global traders i.e. importers and exporters? What happens to our goods along the way, how are our goods handled? What involvement do traders have? How do these companies help ensure we maintain high levels of compliance both in our domestic market and overseas? What changes are we going to see in the coming years and how can traders best prepare?

This webinar, delivered by Andrea Collins of Global Trade Department, will focus partly on better understanding the industry and the role it plays in the movement of our goods, as well as the options available to us to further enhance our supply chains and extend the reach of our products. Like all industries, the logistics sector is feeling the pressure of sustainability targets, the decarbonisation of its vehicles and buildings having the power to significantly contribute to the UK’s 2050 net zero target. So, this webinar will also focus on challenges the sector faces and the implications they may have on global traders e.g. sustainability measures and regulation, the EU’s new supply chain law, Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), fuel costs, increased digitisation, and much more.

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21/09/2023 12:00 - 13:00

Category: Exporting

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Empowering SMEs in International Trade programme