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WEBINAR: Navigating US nexus - does it apply to your company?

60 minute export focused webinar with Q&A specifically targeted companies exporting to the US who may be impacted by nexus sales tax

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If you export to the US, you will have heard of the sales tax or economic Nexus; but do you know a) how it works and b) when / how your business will be impacted?

Sales tax nexus is a US directive (not unlike EU VAT) that requires the local seller or overseas exporter to register, collect, and remit sales tax in a particular US state. Having a federal system, each US state has different legal and tax structures and requirements, so the business activities and sales thresholds that trigger a Nexus registration will be different in each state, as will be the applicable tax rates and jurisdictions.

As an exporter to the US, it is essential that you understand Nexus, your obligations and liabilities to ensure you avoid having to pay uncollected taxes, and possibly fines and interest that average 30% of the amount of sales tax due.

Join Andrea Collins of Global Trade Department as she explores Nexus by state, focusing specifically on:

  • where Nexus exists
  • economic thresholds for Nexus across the US
  • how Nexus impacts different categories of products
  • jurisdictions and tax rates that apply
  • filing and remitting you taxes

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02/11/2023 12:00 - 13:00

Category: Exporting

Organised by:
Empowering SMEs in International Trade programme