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STEP Gainsborough Event

The STEP prototype fusion energy plant has a home at the West Burton site. If you’d like to find out more about fusion energy and see the first draft plans for the site please come along.

Event Information

There will be the usual pop along to find out more about the STEP programme and meet the team session, but there will also be a showcase of the very first, very draft masterplan. The masterplan shows the team's initial thoughts on the layout of the site as it develops in the decades ahead, and they really want your views and area knowledge to help inform these plans going forward.  

In addition, to make use of the fantastic auditorium at the centre, there will be story telling of what is fusion and why it is different to fission (or a conventional nuclear power station). As such senior staff from the technical team will be leading a couple of ‘what is fusion’ live and interactive sessions where they’ll talk through the process and answer any questions.  

There will also be a session on future supplier opportunities and timeframes with UKAEA's strategic procurement lead for any companies who’d like to come along to find out more on that.

STEP is a UKAEA programme that will demonstrate the ability to generate net electricity from fusion. It will also determine how the plant will be maintained through its operational life and prove the potential for the plant to produce its own fuel.  

The first phase of the programme is to produce a concept design by 2024. It will be a spherical tokamak, connected to the National Grid and producing net energy, although it is not expected to be a commercially operating plant at this stage.

Special presentations live in the auditorium include...

3.30pm What is fusion - live and interactive

4.30pm Future supplier opportunities and timeframes

5.15pm What is fusion - live and interactive

6.00pm ‘STARMAKERS: the Energy of Tomorrow’ film 

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Event information:

Trinity Arts Centre, Gainsborough
DN21 2AL

14/06/2023 15:00 - 19:00

Organised by:
UK Atomic Energy Authority