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Future Farming Expo Scotland

Future Farming Expo is an exhibition that will focus on knowledge exchange so that every visitor goes home feeling like they have gained a crucial understanding of where the industry is heading, and how to tackle the challenges head on.

Event Information

Throughout Future Farming Expo, Knowledge Hubs will provide a platform for speakers to present their expert knowledge on specific topics.
The event will also give attendees the opportunity for visitors to put forward their own questions, in one-to-one discussions. 

As the world rapidly changes to reach the net-zero goal, P&J Live has been built to the highest environmental standards. The venue uses food and garden waste from Aberdeen, that is processed in an anaerobic digestion plant, where hydrogen gas is harvested and used to power the energy centre.

By attending Future Farming Expo Scotland, you will have the opportunity to experience an exclusive tour of the innovative system.

The date of the event is yet to be confirmed, but it has happenend in past years in October.

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Event information:

P&J Live Aberdeen

01/10/2024 - 31/10/2024 -