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Digital Lincolnshire

What is Digital Lincolnshire?


With over 2300 digital businesses currently in Greater Lincolnshire and Rutland, our rich digital industry is ever expanding. Since opening the landmark Institute of Technology in Lincolnshire (one of only 12 in the UK), digital opportunities in the county have grown exponentially.


This is where Digital Lincolnshire comes in. Open to any business wanting to showcase their offering, this brochure has been developed to support Greater Lincolnshire and Rutland digital businesses grow and innovate in an ever-adapting industry. Whether you want to connect with new customers, build business relationships, or celebrate what you have to offer, Digital Lincolnshire could be the place for you.

Are you part of the 2,394 businesses in the county that are digital? Get in touch with us. If you want to be included in the brochure, Fill in the Expression of Interest form by clicking here or get in touch:

Reasons to get involved

  • Connect with new local customers
  • Showcase your products to the right audience
  • Celebrate your business achievements
  • Forge new business relationships with local suppliers
  • Expand your horizons and seek new opportunities

Digital Lincolnshire is at its inception stage, and we encourage any business that wants to get involved to contact us.