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Oink's Journey to Becoming a Global Snack Sensation

Global Success Stories: Oink's Journey to Becoming a Global Snack Sensation

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Oink is a family-run business specialising in artisan pork crackling and scratching snacks. While primarily targeting B2C markets internationally, they also engage predominantly in B2B transactions within the UK market whilst also selling products directly to customers through their website.

Oink’s products are renowned for their quality and luxury appeal, catering to high-end retailers, hamper companies, farm shops, and even gym-goers following keto diets. Oink’s success has it all; the opportunity, careful market research, hard work, product diversification and clever marketing, and here it is….

Oink’s History?

The journey of Oink began when Mike, previously a partner in a brewery, identified the immense potential in the snack industry. After selling his brewery partnership, he spent six months dedicated to research and development, recognising the enduring popularity of pork scratchings, especially in pubs. However, Oink aimed beyond the pub market, focusing on creating a premium, artisanal product suited for high-end retail and international distribution.

Despite minimal active marketing efforts, Oink gained traction organically, leveraging word-of-mouth referrals and strategic placements in prestigious outlets like John Lewis. The business thrived online, with their website serving as the primary platform for sales and customer engagement. While maintaining strong ties with local suppliers for packaging and printing needs, they ventured into international sourcing, particularly from China, to secure competitive materials for their products.

Expanding into International Markets

Oink's expansion into international markets stemmed from both necessity and opportunity. The decision to import packaging materials from China was driven by a lack of competitive options domestically. This initial venture into international trade paved the way for further exploration, particularly as inquiries from expat communities worldwide highlighted unmet demand for traditional pork snacks.

Recognising the potential for global growth, Oink embraced e-commerce and partnered with distribution networks to facilitate overseas sales. Collaborating with experts and utilising platforms like Amazon enabled them to navigate logistical challenges and reach customers across continents. The business's adaptability and willingness to explore new markets positioned them for sustained international success.

“Expanding into international markets not only diversified Oink's customer base but also enhanced its resilience against regional economic fluctuations. Strategic partnerships with distributors and insights from Peer Networks facilitated smoother operations and informed decision-making.”

Mike Holman, Founder of the Oink Company.

Additionally, international expansion bolstered Oink's brand reputation and opened avenues for product innovation and collaboration, such as their partnership with a renowned chef to develop exclusive recipes that include their product.

How Has Business Lincolnshire Helped?

Business Lincolnshire provided invaluable support through networking opportunities, peer-to-peer knowledge sharing, and access to resources. Engaging with fellow entrepreneurs offered fresh perspectives and solutions to common challenges, enabling Oink to streamline processes and explore new avenues for growth. Moreover, guidance from local initiatives helped the business to make informed choices, develop community connections, and contribute to the regional economy.

The Future

Oink's future ventures focus on fostering customer loyalty through exclusive membership programmes and strategic collaborations. By creating a limited club and partnering with a chef for innovative product development, they aim to enhance customer engagement and drive recurring sales by rewarding customer loyalty. Embracing emerging trends like social media marketing and product personalisation, Oink is poised to maintain its competitive edge and continue to deliver high end artisan pork snacks to enthusiasts worldwide.