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Flix in the Stix

Flix in the Stix, a project by Blueprint films brings the cinema to rural areas of Lincolnshire.

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What does the business do?

Blueprint Film, a local award winning video production company, produce a wide range of branded content, documentary films and social media campaigns. The company was established in 2007 by Darren Bolton, and has continued to grow ever since, expanding into a second office situated in London, which has enabled them to create more compelling video content for their growing range of clients across the UK. They put an emphasis on providing opportunities for their local communities with projects such as Flix in the Stix, helping bring the cinema to rural areas of Lincolnshire, and engaging younger residents in helping to produce video content through various local workshop events.

Large projector screen displaying the words Carol Reed's production The Third Man by Graham Greene

What's the history?

A production company that thrives on enthusiasm and vision to explore innovation in video production, Blueprint Film has been growing and expanding for 10 years since it’s formation in 2007. Originally based in Barton the company moved to Lincoln where they have continued to create unique video products for commercial clients, charities, events and interactive installations. Although Blueprint Film expanded into the London area, they still wanted to continue helping the community that they began their journey in, Lincolnshire. Through continued innovative ideas, they successfully completed a pilot programme of Flix in the Stix last year. This mobile cinema programme has helped rural communities in Lincolnshire gain access to a cinema, something that has helped isolated elderly residents in particular. They have incorporated this programme by hosting local workshops that see children producing trailers that are then showcased before the next film screening.

How have Business Lincolnshire helped?

For a few years prior to engaging with Business Lincolnshire, Blueprint Film were eager to explore the new business venture - Big Flix. After receiving an email about various workshops available in the area they got in touch with Business Lincolnshire and set up a meeting. After discussing the grant options available with the help of the Business Lincolnshire adviser, they started the application process.

Blueprint Film were taken through the process of accessing support, which they found to be a straight forward and stress-free process. Darren and the team were excited to be awarded a grant, which allowed them to purchase all the required equipment to make Big Flix a reality.

Not only has this grant enabled Blueprint Film to offer a new service to their local communities, but it has also helped expand their business with new revenue income streams, expand their volunteer teams during the summer screenings and create one extra full time position. As the new programme continues to develop, Blueprint Film are expecting more full time positions to become available in the future.

Image of man operating a video camera with professional lighting rig

What's next?

Blueprint Film are eager to continue expanding the Big Flix programme by providing screenings in local car parks around Lincolnshire. They are also keen to explore the world of virtual reality, and how they can use their creative visionary to produce new, exciting video content for their clients.

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